Sunday, January 31, 2010

Internat Cable

Aloha..all of you internet user must known about above title rite
erm Internet have grown from just the need of military purposes to today worldwide phenomena
internet today are more complex than ever before
i sure that those scientist that have work their a#* off to developed the internet must felt really proud for what they have done..
ok, back to internet many advanced country
i believed that they have switch conventional cable to more high-tech cable
such as fiber optic is expensive for internet service provider to install it
but in long term it would generates large amount of income
this is because when user enjoy surfing the internet, without interferences or always disconnected when they are on line, they are willingly to pay higher fees for internet charge
that is from my point of view..i believed that user nowadays are becoming more and more aware of their rite..user are eligible to a good service because they are willing to pay more when they are satisfied with the service provided..i think that local internet service provider should be sensitive of user demands and satisfaction..


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