Sunday, October 11, 2009

What is "wiLL"

i don't remember on what day TV3 shows Rocky Balboa...but man, what a movie! i think all of us have our very on you remember the last time when you sweat your soul out just to achieve something? that my friends, the Rocky inside you..i grew up watching Rambo and Rocky..both films give me inspiration and make me want to achieve something in my's funny when you are a kids wanting to be the Hero in each movie that you saw (if not all you,maybe it just me..huhu)..i want to be like Rambo when i saw it the first time..and then want to be Rocky, damn was he strong and brave.. you grow older, then you started to realize that you don not have to be like somebody..what important is that you be who and what you wanted to the same time adopt the value that you learn in the movie that you have's amazing that Sly can still act in the movie even though that he is about 60 year old..still got that great muscular are one great old man..huhuhuhu
..ohh,about what is WiLL..
back to Rocky movie..each of the films shows us what a man can do when you got the Power of Will..its amazing Rocky 5 movie, he is an old man when he fight the current world champ..his determination, guts and will and also not to forget the training that he had makes him stronger and able to withstand the punishing throw of the not easy, when you are a 50 year old man boxing a young man which is the world Champ..boy oh boy..i like that movie very much..thanks Sly for a great inspirational movie..


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